Meet Nefe

I’m a 33 year old Accountant turned lifestyle entrepreneur from London.

I’m a nerd when it comes to travel, and my obsession is empowering women like you to, be, do and have anything you desire!

After years of working full time as an accountant I knew I had a bigger unfulfilled purpose that I had to uncover.

Now I have found my purpose and passion, it’s my mission to help you do the same.

Do you want a purpose driven life full of abundance, joy and freedom? (who doesn’t want that?).

I believe that you are worthy and you deserve to have it all.

If I can do it so can you!

Girl… you got this!!

Who am I?

I am a consultant in my Network Marketing company and I have created a life of abundance and choice – so can you too!

I loved accounting and travelling the world, but at 28 I found I had no security and lacked direction. I was also limited in the impact I could make as a accountant.

Searching avenues to create an extra income, I discovered the wonderful world of Network Marketing. Although sceptical at first, I did my research and made the smart, intelligent decision to jump in! I began working the business part-time alongside my accounting career and I have never looked back.

Do you desire a life of purpose? Of passion? And of success and freedom? It’s time for you to do what I did: jump right in!

What do I do?

As a former accountant, I knew I had a passion to inspire others and now I am fulfilling my lifelong passion by adding value to others lives. The time and resources Network Marketing has provided, I am able to GIVE BIG and GIVE BACK.

My life has been transformed in so many wonderful ways – and I want to share it with YOU.

Want to know what is even more amazing? Seeing the lives of others that have been transformed by growing their business, just like mine!

Today I am able to influence thousands of lives and teach people how to build the life of their dreams. I am living proof that anyone can do this business and fulfil their true potential.

How do I do it?

How could an accountant in her 20’s find success in Network Marketing without any skills in the industry or the products? I later learnt that the beauty of this business is, everything is learnable!

The journey is truly everything, it takes ordinary people and helps them to achieve extraordinary results.

I love Arbonne and what it has done for my life. But I love even more what I have seen it do for other people as well. I work with a team of people whom I love and respect and all of which I call my friends. All of them are experiencing their own successes. Their lives are changing just as mine has and it fills my heart with joy to be able to witness this every day.

My favourite part!

I love that this has become a sisterhood of successful, like-minded women. We operate as a team, pushing each other to achieve our dreams.

The best part of the story?

This is just the beginning…..

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