Kickstarting Your Business

Kickstarter is series of posts designed to support you through your first weeks in the business, or help relaunch your business.

The first weeks are fun – we use the natural momentum and excitement of starting your business to:

🌱 complete initial training sessions in fourteen days; and

🌱 launch your business twice within seven days

And we offer vital one-on-one sessions weekly and monthly goal setting sessions plus monthly training to continue to turbocharge your learning.

You choose what is best for you, but the more training you take, the quicker you learn.

This is your business, your franchise, your future and your choice. The amount of time you want to put in your first year is up to you, but it will dictate how steadily you progress through management.

That’s why we’ve created this Kickstarter series, specially designed for those consultants who want to make a success of their business and maximise their learning AND their paycheck, and build a strong business, quick smart.

About This Series

Talk about giving your business the ultimate kickstart… it’s a series of posts with audio designed to hold your hand through the first five weeks of running your business.

The Kickstarter Series is the ultimate way to learn how to start an online business, understand the beauty and smarts of network marketing (which according to Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki is the business of the 21st century) and generate cashflow in your business.

Each post of the Series are on topics that show that the silver bullet in this business is personal development.

1. Seven Mindsets for Success

This audio backs up some of the most important aspects of business success – positivity, dreaming, vision and mindset.

It’s called Seven Mindsets for Success.

For me, positive mindset is about finding ways to progress your business each day, counting your blessings, finding ways to take what could be traditionally be perceived as a negative and turning it into a positive, recognise when you are feeling blocked and have ways to unblock that mindset, not letting anyone dissuade you from what you are creating in your life and recognising the incredible person that you are, every day.

2. The Power of Network Marketing

This audio is on why network marketing is so powerful – just as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki say.

It’s called The Business of The 21st Century

For me, network marketing is about designing our dream life. It’s about working your business to the point where you can make a choice about how you spend your time, where you go and who you see each day, who you work with, what other

pursuits you can undertake, and how you give back. It’s the business of the future, but we are starting it today.

Additional Resources

If you’re interested, here’s a couple of other audios – one on prospecting outside your warm market, and another on how your belief can move mountains!

3. Creating Your 60-Second Story

This audio is on how to work on creating a story or narrative around why you’ve taken a

step as an entrepreneur into the business of Arbonne and network marketing, one that works for you and resonates with your audience.

We also call it: Creating your 60 second story.

For me, creating a story around why you do a business like Arbonne is vitally important. You need to speak from the heart, but you also need to be able to customise your story for the person (or people) in front of you. It evolves as continue to do the business, so keep working on it!

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for more, check out Eric Worre’s GO PRO website and even look at buying his GO PRO audiobook. His uber-American style is not for everyone, but he is about treating network marketing as a professional discipline and people have success as a result. Sign up for his emails – his latest videos are on point!

4. Using The Results Approach

This audio is all about the importance of learning and practicing the Results Approach.

We call it the results approach, ‘cos it gets results. It has brought success in the US, UK

and Australia is building momentum with this approach too.

It is more sophisticated than the traditional ‘party’ model – we are building a network of consultants who love the products as much as us and CHOOSE TO CONSUME THE PRODUCTS FROM THEIR OWN ONLINE STORE, and get paid for redirecting their personal care spending, and showing a FEW OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO DO THE SAME.

Here’s a couple of audios to take you through it in more detail:

Using the Results Approach

Using the Gold Bags Effectively

Additional Resource – Process For Presenting The Business

1. Contact your friend / person you think would be a good fit.

2. Ask by phone if possible, or text, FB if you don’t have their phone contact details.

3. Ask when they have time for a coffee in coming days or over zoom.

4. When they respond, let them know its relating a new business idea you’re excited to share with them.

5. You don’t have to say much more than that – just pop it in your diary and theirs.

6. Book the time in with your upline/sponsor as well, for those first starting the business – it’s really important that your upline come to the first 5-6 meetings with you, even if you do it by phone, like a “Coffee Skype catch up” doing the presentation on all of your computers. If it’s in person, it’s just a coffee but again we have a general way of doing the presentation and this is how you will learn it. Also, this is how you will teach your own team so it’s important you learn the system properly as it’s all about DUPLICATION!

7. Take products for people so they are trying the products ‘gold bag’ or ‘blue bag’ after the presentation.

8. During the presentation, we book in a time to follow up in three days after that, and go from there. There are some useful Learn and Burn sessions around managing common objections on The Source for those interested in furthering their knowledge. (Also see Managing Common Objections document HERE)

5. How Events Help Build Your Business

As we know, our incredible products are at the heart of our business, and therefore to build trust in our brand and a better understanding of our unique botanically-based formulations is through running good events.

Events expand our network by helping us meet people who could be interested in the business. They are fun and provide a rare opportunity to receive a luxury treatment in the comfort of your own home, while showing the people benefits of our many products.

There are three outcomes we work towards in doing an event.

🌱 To find people who might be interested in the business

🌱 To book more events in the future

🌱 To sell products to people looking for our incredible, top-of-the-range product difference.

Additional Information – To Book An Event

1. Call your friend or person who has indicated interest in hosting an event – make sure you already have some dates in mind, be prepared!

2. Again, phone is absolutely best to get as much of the booking done in one shot.

3. You could say something like:

As you know, I’ve started my business recently and I’m absolutely loving it. I need to build my business, so it would be a huge favour to me if you could get some people together for a facial featuring our products. It would mean the world to me and would be a big help to me too. I would absolutely look after you with a free product. Are you available on X date and X time or Y date at Y time?

4. Pencil the time in both of your calendars as soon as you can – and also for your upline for the first few events

5. That day, we usually send the person a thank you note and sample in the mail saying how much you appreciate their help and looking forward to making the event a fun success.

6. Stay in touch with the host in the lead up to the event – one idea is to leave a basket of pamper products with the host in the lead up to the event so they can experience and talk about the products they enjoyed during the event!

See how simple it can be? The wording, the booking something into your calendar, and learning through doing.

Why Audio?

We love audio. You can listen to it in the bath, at the Gym, in the car, in bed, on the beach, on the boat, in the kitchen. You can be doing something, or nothing. You can listen to it more than once. You can be hands free, or taking notes. So it’s versatile. It’s the perfect medium for the super busy person. Just like you.

And when you’ve done this course, you can use it for building and onboarding your own team. BOOYAH!

Remember – This Business Works

Arbonne is in incredible momentum right now.

And remember, it’s so simple – we’re all using Arbonne products we love, and getting paid for telling people and using them yourself.

Put your life dreams back on the table and chase them down!