Be Healthy

My Journey

I used to be the worst at taking care of my skin. I even still forget sometimes, and that’s okay- we can’t always be perfect or always drink enough water… and sometimes we just aren’t educated about what we are actually putting on our bodies.

Since starting my Arbonne business, one of the main things I have learned while focusing on the skin was how bad mineral oil and parabens are for our bodies, but I didn’t even know these things were present right in the very makeup products, shampoo, and lotions I was using (along with animal by-products, google rendering plants at your own risk😷)

I probably spent 80% of the money I allocated for beauty, visiting Boots and Superdrug (UK stores) to get all of the hot new products on that were all over beauty magazines, Instagram and Twitter, and it was not benefitting my well-being in the long run. I was not the kind of girl that looked for cosmetics or skincare that were:

🌱 Vegan

🌱 Mineral Oil Free

🌱 Free of Parabens

🌱 Without Artificial Fragrances or dyes

🌱 Formulated without harmful chemicals

The skin is the largest organ of our body and I was sacrificing it and aging it faster for the price of beauty……also while suffering from dry skin. So I have learned to look for clean cosmetics, botanically based products, as well as not wearing makeup as often and using my skincare day and night. (Which is why I love and use all Arbonne EVERYTHING) It truly makes a difference when you start reading ingredients! 💕

Below are a few of my hints and tips on how to improve your health and beauty that I have learned over the last few years.