Healthy Living

What started as a 30 day challenge has now become a part of my lifestyle.

I’m committed to helping people see how simple it can be to take tiny steps everyday to get closer to a healthier you. It’s so much more fun being a part of an online group that supports and encourages one another to be more.

I run an online healthy living group once a month where you get everything you need in order to be successful and see results.

Interested in joining my healthy living program? Are you ready for a body reset? Want to create new, healthy habits? If you’re sick of feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, and over all blaaaaa than join our incredible online community and lets get you started!

This is not a diet. I don’t believe in diets! It’s about creating new habits that in turn will help you create a healthy lifestyle. The transformations have been epic to watch. I’ve experienced more energy, my skin has cleared up, my hair is healthy and overall I feel happy. Seeing all these people work towards their goals and make positive daily consistent steps fuels my passion to help more people take control of their life – both health and wealth.

Check out these before and afters…

My Fitness Journey!

It’s been quite a journey. I have struggled with my weight since the age of 16. By the age of 19 I remember feeling gross and sad after getting on the scale and seeing 80 Kgs. I was unhealthy, I hated working out and didn’t know what else to do. I tried every diet out there but nothing worked. I was up and down. I felt happy one minute and sad the next. My yo yo dieting continued into my late 20’s and I became obsessed with food-skipping meals, binge eating when I was alone, just overall unhealthy. It wasn’t until my 30‘s that I started to have a healthier relationship with food and exercise. It took time and lots of patience.

When I was Introduced to different yet fun workouts (for me it’s dance) combined with the healthy living program I knew I found my match. I began working out daily and I actually began to really love it! I started to see positive results and felt awesome. I’ve since enrolled lots of people into the program and continue to live a positive and healthy life. I feel so fulfilled when I see others stand up for themselves and take charge of their health.