What is the Plan?

The 30 Day Challenge aims to rid the body of toxic build up, decrease inflammation and heal the gut. This is not a fad. It is a nutritional rebalancing.

​Our system is designed to: ​

🌱 Reduce the number of toxins we ingest. ​

🌱 Increase nutritional intake. ​

🌱 Elevate mood, decrease inflammation,

🌱 Improve energy and sleep. ​

🌱 Synergistically take your body from acidic to alkaline while flushing fat and toxins in the process. ​

🌱 Produce results while utilizing

🌱 Vegan, non-GMO ingredients, without soy, gluten, or artificial additives.

My 30 Day Challenge

What started as a 30 day challenge has now become a part of my lifestyle.

I’m committed to helping people see how simple it can be to take tiny steps everyday to get closer to a healthier you. It’s so much more fun being a part of an online group that supports and encourages one another to be more.

I lost:

🌱 Weight: 6.1 kg

🌱 Chest: 0 inches 

🌱 Biceps: 0.5 inches

🌱 Waist: 1.5 inches

🌱 Hips: 1 inch

🌱 Thighs: 0.5 inches

Join Our Next Group

We run an online healthy living group once a month where you get everything you need in order to be successful and see results.

Interested in joining my healthy living program? Are you ready for a body reset? Want to create new, healthy habits? If you’re sick of feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, and over all blaaaaa than join our incredible online community and lets get you started!

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